Gambling if for fun and to win money

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July 25, 2019
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July 28, 2019

The UK gambling Commission (UKGC) has had a look at how gambling fits into people´s lives and what motivates them to gamble.

The reason behind this initiative is to be able to deliver “fairer and safer” gambling by understanding the psychology of gambling.

These first conclusions are from a research made by 2CV company. They performed several studies and interviews with participants as well as workshops.

Some key findings were:

Most of the people asked saw their gambling behaviour as normal. They also find gambling to be “just for fun”. The participants see themselves as responsible gamblers.

Another very interesting finding from the research was that people often see several gambling activities as “not gambling”. All of the states gambling activities (23) were by some of the participants seen as not a form of gambling.

They were told to trust their instincts and not to think about the technical definitions. Here is the forms that they saw as not gambling:

  • 60 % saw loot boxes as not gambling
  • 53 % said skins betting was not gambling
  • 49 % stated non-NL lotteries and arcades as not gambling
  • 21 % said that sports betting was not a form of gambling
  • 19 % saw slot machines as not gambling
  • 17 % saw casino table games as not gambling

From the research they found 8 different gambling typologies:

  1. Passing the time
  2. Having money to burn
  3. For the thrill of gambling
  4. Just something people do as a habit
  5. To be social
  6. For the banter
  7. For the joy of the game
  8. Skill games are seen as a wise decision

The main reason why people gamble is to have fun and win money. These eight types of gambling could motivate the same person in different situations, so one person is not just one type.

The UK Gambling Commission says there will be more posts about gambling behaviours. They hope to be able to use these studies to develop better policies for reducing gambling-related harm.

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