MobilecasinoMaster and blackjack

Mobile blackjack

Mobile blackjack is available in most, if not all, mobile casinos. The classic card game is timeless and always popular. Blackjack is always played against the house although there may be more than one player at the table.

This makes blackjack a perfect mobile casino game. The game can be played anywhere and will work even with poor connection quality, making interactive multiplayer games impractical.

There is a huge amount of resources with information about blackjack strategy available online and offline, in book form. If you learn the skills and keep to your strategy you could turn mobile blackjack into a source of income to be gained whenever you have some spare time.

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Our ratings

We rate mobile blackjack games according to a number of criteria to give you a final judgement and recommendation.

  • User experience – Is the game playable and does it work well? For all real money games, this is a must.
  • Payouts – Payout levels vary considerably across mobile casinos and blackjack tables. Lower payouts is better for the house but of course makes running a positive balance difficult.
  • Special rules – Special rules will have various effects but most commonly they give the house an advantage. Just as payout levels special rules may tip the balance more in favour of the house.

How to play blackjack

Blackjack is played with two or more cards, against a dealer. The goal of the game is to get the sum of cards higher than the dealer, however not higher than 21, which will make you lose.

During the game you will only see one of the dealer’s cards until you have finalized your hand and only then will the other card, the hole card, be revealed.

For each hand you will make a bet, which can then be increased during certain circumstances.

A hand consisting of a dressed card (counts as 10) and an ace (counts as 1 or 11) is called Black Jack and always wins.

Blackjack strategy

There’s been hundreds or even thousands of books written about blackjack strategy. Nowadays there’s loads of information online to be had for free or for a small fee.

Most blackjack strategies boil down to a set of more or less simple rules for how to play the game and are designed to give you an edge on the house.

The hardest part about applying a blackjack strategy is your ability to be able to keep to it even during periods when things go the wrong way. This requires persistence and sometimes a thick wallet.

Rules of blackjack

The rules for mobile blackjack games may vary considerably. Some mobile casinos may stick to the original rules of the game but exceptions are not uncommon when it comes to the ability to increase bets or split hands.

If you’re playing real money and expect to make a profit it is important that you always read the house rules first as some of these may affect your ability to make a profit. When you can, always choose the mobile casino with as few special blackjack rules as possible.

Casinos with blackjack tables

Blackjack app

Many mobile blackjack apps exist as alternatives to the mobile casinos. Mobile blackjack is a game that is perfectly suited for an app. Playing in a blackjack app will of course limit you to one game only, but if that’s all you ever want to play and if you find an acceptable app you should be fine.

One advantage of blackjack apps is that they can be built to work perfectly on the intended mobile platform which may give you a better user experience. However, if you intend to also play other games a mobile casino may be a better choice.

Live vs Online

What is best of live vs online blackjack? It all depends on a many things and perhaps this is down to personal opinion. When playing live blackjack you play against actual people with real cards. This gives you the opportunity to see what cards are dealt and, depending on the number of decks, determine what’s likely to come.

In online blackjack you’re playing against a machine, using a random number generator to stack the deck. This offers you little opportunity to see what’s going on and to discover foul play.

However, the competition for online blackjack players is fierce with more casinos popping up all the time. This should give you, the player, the upper hand when it comes to finding blackjack casinos offering good deals and fair rules.

Blackjack online casinos

Which are the best online casinos? Of course it depends on your personal taste but a big part of the decision depends on what is your favourite game. Let us show you the best blackjack casinos available online.

You may not always agree with us in all our judgements but if you follow our recommendations and have a look around to form your own opinion we’re positive that you will find the best online casino for blackjack.

Blackjack casinos

Almost all mobile casinos offer blackjack games. Sure, there’s an enormous amount of slots and other modern games with new ones released all the time, but the classic game of blackjack is here to stay.


How to play at a casino

How to play at casino? It’s easy. Many mobile casinos will set you up with a no deposit bonus the moment you register which gives you some starting capital to try the casino out before even using real money.

Usually you can find not one but several variants of blackjack and 21 games to try out. When you find the one you prefer, go ahead and deposit some real money and start playing for real.

Blackjack rules uk

Blackjack rules in the uk follow the internationally recognized rules. For online casinos blackjack rules vary as much as the number of casinos. Most mobile casinos offer multiple variants of blackjack and variants of it called 21 games that are similar but have some notable differences.


The competition for blackjack players online is fierce, so this is your opportunity to go bonus hunting and find the best deals available online. Use our recommendations and other information sources to find the mobile casinos that will give you an unbeatable deal on blackjack.

When you’ve used up your bonus opportunities at one mobile casino, don’t stay! Go looking for the next one. There’s always a new good deal to be found.