MobilecasinoMaster and Roulette

Mobile roulette

Mobile roulette is the perfect game for those moments when you have a few minutes to kill and you want some excitement and a chance to win. In roulette it’s you against the house in a match finally decided by the ball in the roulette wheel.

Mobile casino roulette is not dependent on other players and works well everywhere, even where network coverage is uncertain. You can play wherever you want, when you have a moment to yourself.

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Our ratings

When we rate mobile casino games we try to remain neutral and only look at the criteria we’ve setup to make as fair a comparison as possible. When rating mobile roulette games we look at specific properties that we believe are of most important to the players:

  • Overall game quality – What is the user interface quality like? Are there any flaws, or does the game work as expected?
  • Payout levels – Payout vary between casinos and sometimes differ substantially from traditional roulette rules. For the occasional player this may be of smaller significance but if you play a lot the differences add upp with time.
  • Rules – Does the game follow traditional roulette rules or do differences apply? What do these mean to the players? Certain rule changes may tilt the balance to the house’s advantage.

How to play roulette

Roulette is played with a ball and a spinning wheel with 37 slots, numbered 0 to 36 and coloured in red or black. In American roulette there’s also a 00 slot for a total of 38. Bets are made on the playing board that has corresponding fields for the numbers, the colours red and black, and other bets with various winning probabilities.

According to traditional rules winnings are paid according to the probability of the bet. For instance betting on the right number pays 35 to 1, while betting on black or red pays only 1 to 1. If the ball lands on the number zero the house wins.

Playing mobile roulette works in exactly the same way although the wheel and ball is simulated by a computer.

Pay like thousands of others mobile roulette

Rules of roulette

The traditional rules of roulette have been the same since its invention in France, at the end of the 18th century. However details sometimes vary between casinos regarding what bets are allowed and the payouts rewarded. There have also been some very special variants of roulette rules such as California Roulette, where cards instead of slots are used in the roulette wheel to pick the winning number.

Slight variations occur between mobile casinos, so be sure to check the rules for your chosen casino before playing.

Roulette strategy

There is a lot written about roulette strategy in books, but also online. Most strategies boil down to a set of fairly simple rules to follow which will supposedly give you an edge in the game.

The most difficult thing when executing a strategy is to follow it even when things seem to not be going your way. Also, actually going through with a strategy may require more capital than you are willing to risk.

All strategies assume that standard roulette rules and payouts are applied. Even subtle changes may tilt the balance and make you lose your edge, regardless of how successful your strategy is supposed to be.

Casinos with roulette wheels

Roulette app

Mobile roulette can be played in mobile roulette apps or in mobile casinos. The advantage of mobile roulette apps is that they may offer a better user experience and place lower requirements on network reliability than a mobile casino.

The biggest disadvantage with a mobile roulette app is that it’s limited to one game. If roulette is the only thing you ever want to play this is fine. However, a mobile casino may offer just as good a roulette game, but with much more to choose from.

Roulette casinos

More or less all casinos offer roulette although it may be a more or less prominent offer. Mobile casinos do not suffer from floor space limitations and can offer substantially more in the form of several roulette variants. If you’re a roulette lover it may be worthwhile having a look around for different options to get some variation in your gaming.

Best online casinos

How do you find the best online casinos? There are new online casinos appearing all the time and trying them all is impossible. Read our online casino reviews and get a quicker grip of what’s worth trying and not.

You probably won’t agree with us on everything, but still looking at our reviews and then making up your own mind will get you playing faster, whether roulette is your favourite game or not.

Live vs Online

Playing live vs online roulette is really a matter of taste and convenience. Sure, playing live roulette feels different. You can see and talk to the other players, you place your bets on an actual table and you can see the wheel spinning and ball rolling.

Then again, you may prefer to play in solitude, on your mobile device. The game and the odds are exactly identical. The winning number is determined by a random number generator instead of a ball, but the result is exactly the same.

Play roulette at a casino

How to play at a casino

To play at a casino, just sign up. More often than not you will receive an immediate no deposit bonus, i.e. free money that you can start playing with right away and maybe evaluate the casino and its games first.

Whenever you want to start playing for real you can make a deposit of real money and increase the excitement. With real money, the winnings are real, but so are the losses.

Roulette rules uk

Roulette rules in the UK are most commonly the same as European roulette rules. When gaming online you need to check the rules of your chosen casino and check for differences, the biggest one being the presence of the double zero used in American roulette. Payouts can also differ, which will affect your odds of winning long term.


Go bonus hunting before signing up for a mobile casino and use them for all they’re worth. When you run out, don’t forget to look around for a new great bonus deal as there is always some new offer from another mobile casino. Switching casinos is simply a matter of withdrawing your winnings and depositing them at another place, to take part of yet another round of bonuses.