MobilecasinoMaster and PayForIt

Casino with PayForIt payment

Playing at the casino with PayForIt payment ensures you a really smooth and simple mobile payment experience while maintaining full security for your money. In fact paying and playing at the casino could hardly be any simpler.

Operated by the major British mobile phone operators PayForIt is integrated right into the billing systems and will work with any UK mobile phone number, even those belonging to virtual operators.

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PayForIt casino 2019 - what you need to know

To use PayForIt online casino you will need access to your mobile phone, to confirm the purchase and get the receipt. Purchases can be made directly in your phone, or you can use another device and still have the charges carried on your phone bill.

Every receipt for a purchase with PayForIt contains the contact number for the online merchant. If you have questions about a payment first contact your merchant and then your mobile phone operator.

Make a deposit - how does it work?

To make a deposit, all you need to do is select PayForIt mobile casino as the payment options on the casino’s deposits page and confirm the purchase. The charges will end up on your phone bill.

You can also use the service from any other device, provided that you have your phone available to confirm the purchase.

Step by step guide

On your phone:

  1. Select PayForIt mobile payment as the payment method
  2. Click on “Buy now” to initiate the transaction
  3. Click on “Confirm the charge to your mobile” to finalize the purchase
  4. Done. A receipt is sent by SMS. Go right back to playing.

On any other device:

  1. Select PayForIt mobile payment as the payment method
  2. Enter your mobile number and click on “Buy now” to initiate the transaction
  3. Enter the code sent to your phone and click “Confirm the charge to your mobile”
  4. Done. A receipt is sent by SMS. Go right back to playing.

Is mobile deposit safe?

Mobile deposits are safer than most other payment options, because they are tied to your phone number. Without access to your phone and PIN nobody can charge anything on your phone bill.

Compare this to credit cards where all you need is to copy the information printed on the outside to spend your money.

Casinos with PayForIt mobile payment


PayForIt is owned jointly by the UK mobile operators 3, EE, O2 and Vodafone and handles payments for all UK mobile phone numbers, even those of virtual operators.

Pay by phone bill casino but not PayForIt

To pay by phone bill in the casino, but not using PayForIt is certainly possible. There’s a multitude of other mobile payment services available:

BokuZimplerPayViaPhoneSiru Mobile

Benefits with PayForIt

PayForIt requires no sign up. It’s ready to use at once. A purchase is very simple to make and the transaction will literally be completed in a few seconds. PayForIt can also be used from other devices, provided that you have your phone ready to receive the verification code.

Disadvantages with PayForIt

There’s no way to opt out of PayForIt or to set any spending limits. Also, a purchase can be made with just the click of a button. No SMS confirmation needs to be done. Admittedly this could be considered advantages. It all depends on your personal preferences

Final thoughts

PayForIt online casino certainly makes deposits to mobile casinos easy. Perhaps a bit too easy if you ask us, but here there’s certainly room for different opinions. Nonetheless we see it as a super smooth service that will take all the problems with online payments out of the equation. With PayForIt it’s certainly as simple as play now, pay later.

If you’re able to keep your spending in check without limits imposed by the mobile payment service then we certainly recommend PayForIt as a service. It works very well for its intended purpose and it’s still a very secure alternative to credit cards online.