MobilecasinoMaster and PayViaPhone

Casino with PayViaPhone payment

Paying at the casino with PayViaPhone is available to UK customers only. PayViaPhone is an app that you download to your mobile device and connect to your credit card or phone bill for instant access to PayViaPhone mobile casino deposits.

Using a PayViaPhone online casino is simple. The registration will take only seconds and with the easy to use PayViaPhone app you’ll be ready to play in less than a minute.

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PayViaPhone casino 2019 - what you need to know

The PayViaPhone casino 2019 app is available to UK customers exclusively and enables you to pay quickly and with full security to any PayViaPhone mobile casino. Your deposit will be available immediately upon completion and the amount charged to either your credit card or your mobile phone bill as per your selection.

Your mobile casino may or may not take a processing fee out of your deposit, to cover their costs. Please read the casino’s information about various payment services carefully

Make a deposit - how does it work?

Download the PayViaPhone app to your phone, go to your PayViaPhone mobile casino and sign up, then make a deposit and start playing. That’s all there is to it.

You can choose to have the charges made to your credit card or to be charged on your phone bill or drawn from your top up balance.

Step by step guide

  1. Download the PayViaPhone app to your mobile device
  2. Sign up at your chosen PayViaPhone online casino, and chose to make a deposit
  3. In the app, select whether to pay by credit card or phone bill and complete the payment
  4. Done. Go ahead and play

Is mobile deposit safe?

Mobile deposits can only ever be made from your phone and are very safe compare to other payment methods. As long as you have your phone under control and especially keep your PIN secret there’s no need to worry.

Casinos with PayViaPhone mobile payment


PayViaPhone is a new payment service, available in the UK only, that lets you put your casino deposits on your phone bill to be paid later. Deposits made through PayViaPhone will be available immediately in your casino account. Deposits may be subject to a processing fee. Read more on the mobile casino’s website.

Pay by phone bill casino but not PayViaPhone

If you don’t like the PayViaPhone mobile casino app there are several good alternatives to try:

BokuZimplerPayForItSiru Mobile

All of these other mobile payment service offer similar services and options, but in slightly different packages.

Benefits with PayViaPhone

PayViaPhone is easy to use and secure with all the payment information stored in an app on your device. It integrates right into affiliated casinos exposing none of your personal information to outsiders.

PayViaPhone has a maximum deposit limit of £30 per day, which will help the average player avoid overspending

Disadvantages with PayForIt

PayViaPhone is tied to an app and is supported by fewer mobile casinos than some other mobile payment services. Also the £30 daily limit may be a problems for players who are on a bigger budget. In that case other payment options should be user.

Final thoughts

PayViaPhone is a bit of an odd player in the field of mobile payment services in that it is packaged in an app instead of being offered as on online service. The need to first find, download and install an app before continuing with your deposit may be a bit of a put off to some, while others may like it better.

An app, as opposed to an online service will always be available and will not suffer from UI meltdowns happening from time to time when parts of a web user interface are missing due to network problems.

The presence of a daily transfer limit is welcome to most players who do not want to risk putting all their savings into the casino in the heat of things.